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Feng Shui Articles

by Suzee Miller Feng Shui Master®

Maintaining GOOD Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a way of life, that when monitored and maintained, enhances the prospects for Health, Wealth and Good Fortune in your Career and Personal life.

When the "five elements" in your home, work and landscape environments are in harmony and balance, joy, peace, prosperity and healthy relations are just a few of the blessings that are derived.

Occasionally, I receive letters or calls from clients who initially experience positive results from Feng Shui, then things seem to go in reverse. My first response to them is always: "tell me about the condition of your garden/landscape and the things you've added to your home/office." Invariably, they discover that there is debris, dead/dying plants in their garden and almost always... more clutter in their home/office.

It's easy to get excited about Feng Shui in the beginning, but in reality it is "far more important" to maintain good Feng Shui as a way of life! 

Also, there is a tendency, in human nature, to overlook the less apparent blessings that surround us daily. Such as improved health, contentment, more serenity and peace, a restful night's sleep, better grades, improved behavior, work with less effort, better relations and an overall sense of well being... than it is for us to relate to more business, more money and more abundance in our lives.

Here are a few helpful tips to help you enjoy life to the fullest:


Feng Shui is an earth art and an earth science, thus you can NEVER over improve the grace, beauty and richness of your garden. However, you can do harm to yourself by over improving the interior of your home and office. (Refer to Feng Shui Forecast 2013)


The prospects for "more" PEACE, HARMONY and PROSPERITY are enhanced when the FIVE ELEMENTS are "spatially and visually" in balance inside your work and living environments. 


Less ALWAYS means "more" ENERGY in your life, thus the importance of space clearing. Thus, you will want to gift away, throw away, store away or burn away "things" that no longer enhance or enrich your life, and see for yourself how this REVITALIZES your spirit. 


POSITIVE Chi... is the primary LIFE force energy of blessings. See for yourself, try SMILING more each day and see what happens! Smiley emoticon

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Feng Shui is NOT about philosophy, astrology, religion or superstition.
It is the Study of ENERGY (Quantum Physics), and how energy affects lives,
homes, offices, listings and careers.

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