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Feng Shui and Smart Meters

Suzee interviews Jerry Day on the harmful effects of Radiation and the Smart Meter.
 What you learn may save you or a loved ones life..!

Resource web site on Smart Meters

Analog meter replacement kits and legal notice to your power company

Rob States, Electrical Engineer and EMR expert, comprehensive 33 minute video on Smart meters "The Dark Side of 'Smart' Meters".


Click here to read what the American Academy of Environmental Medicine says about Smart Meters.

Click here  for a holistic approach using Peat Moss to mitigate EMR.

Click here  for State of the art EMR and EMF protection devices on the market today.

Feel free to call Joyce Zook direct at 800.730.6177, Monday-Thursday 10 am-4pm PT, or by email at info@FengShuiPlaza.com, to learn about EM protection devices for your home, office, family and pets. Joyce will direct you to the "best product" for your specific needs, or she will refer you to an expert in the field of EM and HEALTH to assist you.

On behalf of Feng Shui Paradigms, I want to personally thank you for taking a STAND on saving AMERICA and every other COUNTRY in the world, from HEALTH RISKS associated with the Smart Meter!


Suzee Miller
Feng Shui Educator, Author & Consultant

A few seminar testimonials are below. We welcome yours too!

I listened to your webcast.  You found a very good source in that guy.

Randy Tyler

I was able to get on the teleseminar the other day -- VERY informative!

Turns out, down here, the Smart Meters are saturating San Diego, however there's a community meeting of sorts about it on Feb 1st. A group of influential people are going to try to inundate SDGE (electric company) and the public utilities commission with letters telling them to cease this practice and take the meters off.

Also, I wanted to let you know the word is spreading. I told my filmmaker friend. she was concerned about her area (Burbank... same area your guest speaker is from) and she just got through breast cancer, but all her neighbors were coming down sick too and she always wanted to test the EMFs in the area. She has a ton of celebrity contacts everywhere, and she just made the film 1aminute.com - celeb documentary about breast cancer (I did the graphics for it) she's a great person to mobilize about this too.

Carine L. Horner
Graphic Alchemy Design & Printing

Whow!!!!!  Our very own KIM fighting the SmartMeters in Lansing.  She is fighting for our right to freedom and the American Way. 

Keep it up Kim.

William  Wind

I was on the SMART METER call and it was fantastic, very informative and of course scary stuff as well. Glad we have solutions out there - happy to see you direct them to EM protection devices; we both know they work!

Lori Bibbins
Owner, Meaningful Health Solutions

Good Morning Suzee,
Two of my friends who were in on the teleseminar wrote me today.  I know of at least, 23 other people that tuned in Wednesday night too!  I was so happy to hear you promote protection.  Sorry I missed the call, as you know I was at the state Capitol, meeting with the Governor - to BAN  Smart Meters in MICHIGAN.

Kim Barno

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