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Feng Shui...

Myth, Magic and REALITY


Click the audio buttons below to listen to the
details on this Feng Shui topic:

This Audio Program Includes:

  • The Yin/Yang Theory of Balance
  • The Power and Vitality of Chi
  • The 5 Chinese Elements and
    how to use them correctly
  • Feng Shui Colors, Symbols
    and Decor Items

In the "Myth, Magic and Reality!" audio program,
Suzee Miller Feng Shui Master® shares the Core Principles
of Feng Shui to help you increase the prospects for

Feng Shui describes the communication
that takes place every day between you
and your environment, be it your home,
garden or workplace.

See What People Are Saying About This Program...

The goal of good Feng Shui is to unite time, space, people and the environment as one integral entity. When this is accomplished, the accumulation of Positive Life Force Energy... called "Chi"...



Harmony and Balance into your Life and Career.

Attract Good Fortune Today!

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Feng Shui Truth and Tips

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Feng Shui TRUTH and TIPS!

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