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The Chinese Elements

Personality Profiles and Power Directions for Optimizing Health,
Wealth, Love and Good Fortune


Elementally 8


The concept of elements exists everywhere in the Universe.

The Chinese recognize five .. FIRE, EARTH, METAL, WATER and WOOD.

The elements manifest in nature by the interplay of YIN/YANG and represent the different manifestations
of CHI – life force ENERGY.

In CLASSICAL Feng Shui there are EIGHT (8) Elements not FIVE (5)..!

In this audio collection you will discover the human characteristics and qualities of each of the
EIGHT ELEMENTS, and how to stay in balance with them.

It doesn't matter what Nationality you are for this educational program to IMPACT your Communication, Health, Life, Wealth and FORTUNE.


With Feng Shui Plaza - Learn QUICKLY:

•  Which houses support health, love, wealth or success

•  Which of the 8 elements enhance vs. deplete your energy

•  The success, power and wealth directions for all eight elements

•  How to recognize EAST and WEST group people from each other

•  How to speak to people/elements in a way in which they will hear you

•  How to tap into the EIGHT Feng Shui symbols, colors and clues

•  How to capitalize on ancient Chinese wisdom for children and adults

•  How to increase your sales, income, savings and free time

•  How to communicate and negotiate skillfully with all 8 elements

•  Who you are most compatible with in love, business and life

In this UNPREDICTABLE world – one thing is PREDICTABLE

The 8 Personality Profiles of People!


Learning how to honor each human beings unique qualities and characteristics can be the
difference between making a deal or losing one, in business. 

With FRIENDS, FAMILY and PARTNERS, it’s the glue that bonds us or keeps us stuck in relationships.


It has created more MILLIONAIRES and HEALTHY and HAPPY people than all the
other schools combined. 


When you learn this CLASSICAL school of Feng Shui, you will be able to...


Buy now

SAVE 20% - by downloading Elementally 8 today, vs. buying each element individually

NOW ONLY  - $128.97 at Check-Out


Order with confidence. 
We are very serious about security and have invested significant time
and money to certify that your credit card and other sensitive data stays secure.


“Whether you are a housewife or corporate CEO, you will benefit immensely by honoring yourself and the people in your life with Feng Shui. Elementally 8 is fantastic; it’s as good as it gets on the subject of people.”    

Monica Reynolds
Million Dollar Business Coach and Professional Speaker


NOTE:  This educational program is included FREE in our self-study Feng Shui Certification course. Make sure to check out the benefits of CERTIFICATION before purchasing Elementally 8. 


Our mission is to RAISE CONSCIOUSNESS on the planet by educating YOU on the “visible and invisible” forces of nature, so that you can live your life on PURPOSE and PASSION. When this is accomplished, individually and collectively, we begin to heal not only ourselves but also the Earth and mankind.

~ Suzee Miller





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