Feng Shui Elements

Feng Shui Elements

What are the Feng Shui Elements?

Everything in the world according to the Chinese belongs to one of the five Feng Shui elements or energies, those being fire, earth, wood, water and metal. These elements are believed to affect everything we do. There are five different ways that Chi energy can be manifested. In our horoscopes we have most or all of the five elements. The quantity of each element determines our personalities and degree of success in life. It takes a highly skilled astrologer to successfully balance and interpret the effects of these five elements in our horoscopes.


Wood is creative and innovative. If we have a large amount of this element in our charts, we will express ourselves creatively in some way. Wood can be pliant and bending (willow) or strong and unyielding (oak). Wood is sociable and community minded. Wood also represents the colour green, the season spring, and the direction east. Wood also represents birth and early childhood. In the eastern part of the Forbidden City in Beijing the buildings were covered with green tiles, because they housed the young prince.


Fire gives energy and enthusiasm, but can also be a sign of danger. When too much fire is present, it can be destructive. Fire warms and cheers, but it can also burn and destroy. FIre is the element of the natural leader. Fire represents red, summer and south. Fire represents the growing years before puberty.


Earth gives stability and also relates to real estate and legacies. Earth is patient, just, honest and methodical. However, it can also be smothering and demanding. Earth represents the colour yellow, the center and the teenage years.


Metal (also frequently referred to as "gold") indicates harvest, business and success. This is usually financial success. On the negative side, metal can also indicate a sword or a knife and be destructive and violent. The color is usually white, but can also be gold. It symbolizes autumn and west. Metal represents the adult years. In the palace at Beijing, the empress had her quarters in the western wing and the walls were painted white.


Water indicates travel, communication, and learning. It also relates to literature, the arts, and the media. Water can be both gentle (soft rainfall) and violent (a hurricane). Water nourishes all living things, but can also gradually wear away the hardest rock. It represents the color black, winter, and north. Water represents the final years, old age.

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